The Best Fishing Kayak Under 1000 Dollars of 2019

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Buying the best fishing kayak under 1000 dollars can be a very difficult task.

It does not matter if you are fishing in small beaches, lakes, or some other area, a fishing Kayak under 1000 can effectively serve your fishing adventures.

Here at BestKayak, we have picked the Best Fishing Kayak Under 1000 Dollars.

Best Fishing Kayak Under $1000 – Quick Answer

  Perception R15 Pescadors 120kayak

Perception R15 Pescadors 120 Kayak is the first on our list of the best fishing kayak under 1000. It constructed with these features;

  • It is stable on water which makes it easy to control.
  • Spacious to save your fishing equipment needed for your adventure.
  • This is a kind of sit-on-top fishing kayak.
  • The seat is adjustable because it contains a cockpit with a Comfort Seating System(CSS).
  • Beautifully designed in different colour, Camouflage and Lime/White, sand, Blue/White, Red/Yellow.


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Ocean Kayak Prowler 13 Angler

The designer made this model simply for your maximum comfort.


  • Seat is comfortable
  • Has different compartments:- enough storage space which allows you to keep your items.
  • Ocean Kayak Prowler 13 Angler is a wide kayak which prevents you from getting wet while you are on the water.
  • Bungee straps:- comes with bungee straps which safeguard your items and protect them from slipping.
  • Fishfinder area:- this is the most important reason why fishermen crave for Ocean Kayak Prowler 13 Angler fishing Kayak.
  • Scupper:- it comes with a scupper which can be used to drain water that might get in while on water.


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Useful UH-TK181

If you are going for a family time out then you should consider this type. Is designed to accommodate two people. This will give you the chance to enjoy your kayak fishing adventure with your loved ones.

If you are looking for a good kayak then you should consider Useful UH-TK181 Sit On Top Tandem Fishing Kayak. This sit-on Top Tandem kayak will give you one of the best fishing memories of nature and it is under 1000 dollars.


  • Its color camouflages well with the environment which make the fishes unaware of your present.
  • This kayak is easy to carry.
  • Spacious to accommodate up to 2 people at a time.
  • Built for 450pounds weight capacity.


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Lifetime 10 Foot Sports Fisher Tandem Kayak

One very attractive feature of Lifetime 10 Foot Sports Fisher Tandem Kayak is that it is inflatable. This makes it one of the best inflatable fishing kayaks you can get for less than 1,000 dollars. If you want to spend quality time fishing with your family or friends, I suggest you go for Lifetime 10 Foot Sports Fisher Tandem Kayak.



  • Inflatable which make it easy to move around.
  • Comes with bungee strap that secures your stored items and prevents them from slipping.
  • Has several built-in dry compartments for the storage of needed tools.
  • This kayak is designed for lakes only.
  • Contains scupper for draining water in order to prevent you from drowning.
  • Comes with rod holders which are used for the storage of fishing polls that are not in use.


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FeelFreeMoken 12.5 Kayak Winter Camo

FeelFreeMoken 12.5 Kayak Winter Camo is a classic model that can only be used on lakes or coastal waters. It comes with a customizable track. An important reason why fishermen go for this type of fishing kayak is that comes with wheels that enable easy movement on land. Designed for a single user. Very comfortable for adventures and a long trip on the water.


  • Comes with a seat.
  • Comes with a wheel to ease movement on land.
  • An adjustable footrest that can be adjusted to your comfort
  • Balance well on water which allows you to stand up for a better view.
  • Rod storage store polls.


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Before Getting a Fishing Kayak Under 1000

Like I mentioned before, you don’t need to be an expert to buy or use a kayak but you need to have all these things I mentioned below in mind before heading to grab a kayak.

Capacity and Comfort

If a kayak is not spacious it can’t be comfortable, this means you must have a proper view of the type of kayak you want to buy. If you intend using a kayak with friends, I suggest you go for the one that has more seats that will be comfortable for use.

You should know if the fishing kayak can be used for fishing because these kayaks don’t serve the same purpose. Tall fishermen should go for kayaks that can be adjusted in order to relax your legs when needed.


Transport and Storage

You need a kayak that is spacious enough to store your useful items. You should also consider if its moveable, you don’t need a heavy kayak if you don’t have the strength for it. This will also allow you to know if you will need to get a roof rack for transporting your kayak.



You need a stable kayak to be safe on the water. A kayak that’s well balanced on the water for speed and to ensure your safety.



At this point, I am justified that after listing the best fishing kayaks under $1000. You will take note of the features attached to these kayaks mentioned above and find a specific reason to buy any of them. If you have a budget lesser than $1K, you can also check out our list of kayaks under $500

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