Best Fishing Kayaks Under $500 in 2018

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Welcome to BestKayak. Getting the best fishing Kayak can be quite difficult, that is why we are here to guide you on how to get the best fishing Kayak under 500 dollars.


Best Fishing Kayaks Under $500

Sun Dolphin Journey Kayak

The Sun Dolphin Journey is lightly made fishing kayak for fishing on Lakes and Rivers. Because of its lightweight, it gives a perfect stability which is very quiet important to withstand winds and current when fishing.

The sun dolphin fishing is made of High-Density Polyethylene. It has a storage compartment that enables you to save items from getting wet.



  • Has a light weight.
  • It can carry a lot of fishing accessories.
  • This kayak comes with fitted paddle holders on both sides which keep them fixed to the kayak and make them easier to paddle.
  • The footpegs provided will give comfort while fishing.


  • Its length is a bit short for river water fishing.
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BKC UH-TK181 Fishing Kayak


  • This kayak can be used on any kind of water.
  • This kayak has two aluminium paddles and two beautiful designed seats which are made free.
  • This one is the best among kayaks, has a load capacity of 450 pounds and this enables you to carry more fishing accessories.


  • This fishing kayak comes with built-in slots where items are kept.
  • Can easily mount the paddles and row without stress.
  • It is very stable in water and gives satisfactory kayak fishing.
  • Compartments are available to hold a lot of your non-waterproof items.


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Ocean Kayak 12-Feet Malibu Two Tandem Sit-On-Top Recreation Kayak


It is about 12 Feet long and very spacious. The Ocean kayak is spacious enough to fit two adults. It has a strong bow and with handles. It weighs about of 57lbs and this makes it easy to carry.


  • With two people on board, it can be paddled smoothly on rough water.
  • Has comfortable seats and it tracks quite well.
  • This kayak is designed to be more stable on the water to withstand the wind.


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Advanced Elements AE1007-R Convertible Inflatable Kayak


This is a twin-seated kayak which is of very high quality. It is made with three layers rubber which prevents it from getting punctured easily.


  • The seating positions are very comfortable and can be adjusted to your desire.
  • Can’t easily be punctured because it is built with three-layer rubber coating.
  • Paddling is made very easy in this kayak.
  • This Kayak has an affordable price.
  • It comes in an Aluminium body which makes it strong.


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Sun Dolphin Excursion 10-Foot Sit-in Fishing Kayak

If you are with a low budget then this kayak will be the best for you. With an affordable price tag, the Sun Dolphin Excursion has got many things to offer like the adjustable back support of the seat, fishing rod holder, water bottle holder and much more.

It also comes with ample foot space and thigh pads in the corner for better comfort and grip. On the top, you will also get a UV stabilized cover which will cover your leg from the UV rays.

This kayak is spacious in the back so you can store all your safety items.


  • The seats are adjustable which allows comfort in the long run.
  • Spacious compartments for things like bottled water, safety knife, flush mount holder, extra storage.
  • UV-protected cover is placed on top of the leg storage which protects your kayak from UV rays.



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Things to Consider Before Purchasing a Fishing Kayaks

It safer to have the right kayak to prevent yourself from drowning while on your fishing adventures. What you possibly need to do is to purchase the right kayak for fishing and you need to follow the guidelines listed below.


You should have this in mind, the portability of a kayak will determine how often you will be using it and how easy it can be carried. A perfect kayak is meant to be light in weight and easily carried.


You should endeavour to know the stability of the kayak you are about to buy. You can’t catch a fish on an unstable kayak. A person with a big body should go for a wider kayak that will be balanced on water; a person with a lightweight should go for the types that can be paddled quite easily.


You need a dry storage space to save your items, make sure you have this on your list before heading to buy one. Buy a kayak that has a built-in storage space for your item, and also check if the storage compartments are with clips or covers.


Adding an Anchor will add weight to your Kayak but this has to do with the type of water that you want to fish on. Assuming you want to fish on backwater or open water then getting an Anchor won’t be a bad idea.


The length of a kayak matters a lot, the longer your kayak the spacious it is.  If you are the type that like fishing on big water, a longer kayak will be a much better option for you as it would be convenient and faster. But if you like fishing in backwater ponds then you should go a short kayak.


All the products that stated are of high qualities. They have some disadvantages but some other kayaks that come at a high price also have their flaws. I recommend these fishing kayaks under $500 for you because even with their low prices they have some of the qualities kayaks with a huge price tag have, but if you are unsatisfied with any of them, you can check out our list of kayaks under 600.

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