A Must Read Before Buying Your First Kayak

Kayak reviews aims to review the best kayaks and provide informative articles about kayaking but we realize that for someone who is a complete kayak novice the huge amount of kayaks available to purchase these days can be overwhelming.

What you need to do is narrow it down

1. What do you plan on doing with your kayak?

That might seem like a bit of an obvious question but it is the most vital one to ask yourself. Is is going to be used for family trips, used on the weekend at a nearby river or lake. Have you seen videos of more extreme kayaking like white water or ocean kayaking and like the idea of doing something like that. Maybe you like to fish and have decided that you would like to try out kayak fishing. There is no point buying a 13ft long self baling kayak if you plan to use it on your local lake and you won’t want a flimsy inflatable if you plan on shooting rapids or hitting the ocean waves.

2. Transporting & storing your Kayak

If you have a decent sized vehicle, a garage with some space in it and a little bit of cash to spare then you can look at any kayak that suits your budget. If you have limited space, don’t have a suitable vehicle or have limited cash then you might want to be looking at an inflatable kayak.

3. How often will you use the Kayak

This is the question I always ask to the kayak novice, I mean you can buy a kayak for under $200 that will do just fine for some recreational kayaking on weekend and family trips and if looked after will last a number of years. So ask yourself is the kayak going to be used enough to warrant it’s cost. If you buy a hard shell kayak for a $1000 for white water kayaking and then only get out in it once or twice a year isn’t that going to be a waste of money? You’d be better off hiring one for the time you are going to be using it instead.

4. Cost

Now that you have read points one to three you can decide on how much you will need to pay for the kayak, depending on your budget, what and how often you will use the kayak and what you will be using it for. This is just my opinion and many will disagree but I’d say if you have never been out on a kayak before but think it’s something you might enjoy then go over to Amazon and look at some of the kayaks they have on sale I’ve made it even easier for you if you click on the Amazon link below it will take you to all the top rated kayaks under $ 200 with the best reviews