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Sit on top kayaks are designed with seats that accommodate paddlers and gives comfort.  This type of kayak is preferable to many fishermen and divers who crave for comfort and durability. In this article, we reviewed the best sit on top Fishing Kayaks under 1000.

BEST SIT ON TOP KAYAKS Fishing Kayak Under 1000 In 2020

The following is a review of the best sit on top fishing kayak under S1000


PerceptionPercador is the best sit on top fishing kayak on our list that costs less than 1000. It has a detachable 2-position seat for ease and maximum comfort. It is one of the best sit on top kayak fishing kayak for those who love flatwater fishing and kayaking.

It has a YakAttack Gear Trac system for several paddling and fishing accessories. It also has a rig that can be easily customized.



  • This is the best kayak for fishermen casting a line on flatwater.
  • 57 lbs in weight.
  • 10’6” inches in length.
  • Comes with just one paddler.




  • It’s durable.
  • Has up to 325 lbs of weight capacity.
  • It’s spacious and it allows you to store items needed for a trip.
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WILDERNESS SYSTEMS TARPON 120 Sit On Top Kayaksit on top for fishing

This is specifically for fishermen and photographers who want to explore flatwater with lots of items. This excellent sit on top fishing kayak under 1000 serves several purposes and has many features.

  • Has 2 hatches
  • An ample storage space, this accommodate lots of equipment needed on the water.
  • A stern tank well with several storage pockets.
  • This kayak is stable on water so you stand and cast.
  • Fast despite its size.


  • 63 lbs in weight.
  • 12’3” inches in length.
  • Single paddler.


  • Has an ample storage space.
  • Can be easily turned.
  • Comfortable seats.


  • It’s large size make it difficult for short peoplee to carry.
  • Foot pocket area uncomfortable.
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RIOT ESCAPE 12riot escape sit on top fishing kayak

Riot Escape 12 is one of the best sit on top kayaks for fishing trending around the globe and is definitely affordable.  This kayak is durable and is designed for all kinds of paddlers.

This recreational kayak is designed for people who need a companion on board, for friends and family because its spacious for casual fun.


  • A front hatch with double-density cover.
  • A drain plug.
  • Bottle and cup holder.
  • Rear shock cord storage.
  • A customizable seat.

More Details

  • Designed for people who dive, fish, and explore.
  • 66 lbs in weight.
  • 12’0” inches in length.
  • Has a single paddler.



  • The length does not prevent it from tackling well.
  • Has a rudder.
  • Fast.
  • Balance well on water.
  • Seats are made for comfort.



  • Hard to navigate in slim passages due to its length.
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The Old Town Predator PDL Kayak is the perfect type of kayak for fishing activities because of its stability and speed. It is designed to withstand wind and currents.  The seat is detachable and can be folded and packed in a bag which allow you stand on it. For those who might be considering buying this kayak, it is advisable to always use a PFD. You can check the list of the best PFD jacket for women here.


  • Weighs about 117 lbs
  • 13’2” inches in length
  • Comes with a single paddler


  • It’s easy to move on water.
  • It’s comfortable.
  • Tracks well.
  • Seats are adjustable.
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We recommend this kayak for kayakers who head out on the water. beautifully designed, this attracts buyers with its attractive look. Its features and quality make it one of the best sit on top kayak for fishing that costs less than 1000.


  • The seat has four positions which means it can be adjusted towards any direction.
  • Its designed for comfort so you can take a nap on the water, fast paddling.
  • Has Four hatches.
  • Adjustable bungees give plenty of space for storage.
  • The seat is detachable which allows you to stand up while fishing.


  • 69 lbs in weight.
  • 13’6” inches in length.
  • Comes with a single paddler.



  • Comfortable.
  • Spacious enough to accommodate many items.
  • Balance well on water which allows you to stand and fish.
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We have listed the best sit on top fishing kayaks and you should consider your comfort and safety as a priority. No amount of money should deprive you of all these benefits. Purchasing a high-quality and durable kayak will ensure your safety when fishing.



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