It can certainly be said that most of the kayak models out there have at least some merit but to an experienced eye and a knowledgeable mind, not all fishing kayaks are created equal and every fisherman has different needs and wants.

An increasing amount of people now prefer the inflatable kayaks to the hard shell ones out there because with all of the modern methods applied by different manufacturers in the industry coupled with the types & models of fishing kayaks on the market, the inflatable fishing kayaks perform just as great as the hard shell ones with a lot of added advantages.

Apart from having a narrower profile that allows you navigate tighter spots to experience more of nature, inflatable kayaks are also cheaper, easier to manoeuvre, more convenient to store and transport than the wooden and rigid ones. They are compact, requiring less space for storage.

The flexibility of an inflatable kayak for the sake of tucking and folding during storage does not affect it’s durability since most of them are now made with composites from hard-wearing PVC materials.

The Latest And Best Inflatable Fishing Kayaks In The Market

Since you are in search of best of the inflatable kayaks in the market that is more handy/suitable for a fishing trip, you can not go wrong with the following list:


  1. Sea Eagle 330

  • Size (Interior): 9’6″ x 13″
  • Size (exterior): 11’2 x 34″
  • Capacity: 2 Adults / 500 lbs
  • Weight: 26 lbs
  • Material: Extra thick 33 mil polykrylar
  • Assembly Time: 6 minutes.

This fishing kayak features outstanding design and build quality as an added bonus to  its impressive capacity for a large load (maximum load is 500 Ibs) considering the fact that it is light in weight and it is an inflatable kayak.

Although it can hold two adults adequately, there isn’t a lot of extra room in the hull to carry any other gear. It is rather ideal for adults who want to go fishing with kids, or anyone who wants to get out on the water alone with plenty of legroom to spare.

It comes with inflatable spray skirts (two skegs fitted towards its rear) which help with controlling movement in a straight line. This – in addition to the fact that it is so light – makes this inflatable kayak very easy to manoeuvre using the two oars which are included.

The Sea Eagle 330 kayak is tough enough to stand up to all the movement and wear and tear of a flat water or an ocean’s turf as the material with which the hull is built is extra-thick and resistant to wear. Added to this is the I-beam construction of the boat that gives it strength and rigidity.

Although the Sea Eagle is designed to be resistant to puncture but as an added precaution in case of a rip as a result of extreme conditions, it is also equipped with a patch kit and a drain valve to get you going again.

The kayak also comes with a storage bag that saves you extra money but it is a tight squeeze to fit the pump, paddles and any extra kit in the bag as well.

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  1. Sevylor Tahiti


Size (exterior): 10’4″ x 34.8″ x 24

Capacity: 2 Adults / 360 lbs

Weight: 19 lbs

Material: 21 gauge PVC

Someone who is used to hard shell kayaks might find this piece to be a little unsteady, but for someone who is new to inflatable kayak fishing or one who just want to try it out as a hobby, this is a fantastic entry-level option that is also quite affordable.

Although it comes by cheaper compared to many other kayaks it in the market, the Sevylor Tahiti has been designed to make inflation and deflation quick and easy, and to eliminate the risk of taking on water with a featured Airtight System and Double Lock valves to guarantee that one stays safe and dry while fishing.

Two men fishing in a Sevylor tahiti kayaka

The piece is specifically designed for hunting and fishing so it will withstand bumps and scrapes from rocks and branches, therefore, there are no limits to how much fishing one can do in the great outdoors.

The 21 gauge PVC material used for the hull is sturdy, durable but it is slightly thinner than the one used for the Elkton Outdoors inflatable kayak.

The downside of this inflatable fishing kayak is that it does not come with a pump, paddles or skegs for tracking. One has to purchase all of these separately consequently, this makes the low price slightly less impressive. However, it comes with a carry bag that you can just roll up the kayak into a compact and tuck it in, saving a lot of storage space and make it easier to carry around as it also weighs a mere 19 lbs.

Although the Sevylor Tahiti has a capacity of just 360 lbs, it still has sufficient enough space for two people along with a little gear. The adjustable, removable seats have padded backrests, providing support and comfort as well as an opportunity to sit back and relax while you fish.

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You can use this kayak if you are interested in doing your fishing on lakes and slow moving rivers, punctures are very unlikely as it’s tough enough to withstand everyday use. However, if you do find yourself caught short then the inclusion of several separate air chambers will keep you afloat.


  1. Saturn 13′ Pro-Angler FK396


Size (exterior): 13′ x 3′

Capacity: 700 lbs

Weight: 43 lbs

Material: Heavy-duty PVC

This inflatable rubber kayak is handy and portable for your fishing trips. The boat floor is made of high-pressure inflatable deck that becomes very rigid when filled with air but is flexible enough to be rolled up when not in use. It is specifically designed to have rigid high buoyancy tubes for enough stability that you can even stand up on it while fishing.

The kayak comes with two removable benches made of aluminum that can be used for different tasks such as mounting for rods, gadgets etc. or as paddles through the waters (you can also attach an optional electric motor by adding a vertical plate to aid propulsion).

The Saturn Pro-Angler is not designed to be self-bailing. It is best for lakes, slow rivers, oceans, and bays. Another advantage of the kayak is that it is not restricted to being just a fishing boat but can also be of use for whitewater river rafting adventures like cutting self-bailing holes in the bottom of the kayak or using an absorbent device that works as a pump.

Easy to carry and portable to store, this fishing kayak is a must for any RV, camp ground or any other situation where a fishing portability is important. If you live in a home near the water and want to go fishing, but have no place to dock a full sized angler kayak, then this inflatable kayak will keep you ready for fishing in a moment notice.

Although it is slightly more expensive than some of the fishing kayaks on this list, it is however worth its weight in gold and still cheaper than the regular hardboard boats.

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  1. Strait Edge


Size (Interior): 15.5″ wide

Size (exterior): 9’8″ x 35″

Capacity: 2 Adults / 300 lbs

Weight: 34 lbs

Material: Heavy duty PVC

Assembly Time: 5 Minutes

This fishing kayak cost a bit higher than others on this list (though lesser in price than the Saturn 13′ Pro-Angler FK396) but it is of a superior build quality with an impressive tracking system it comparable to hard shell kayaks, despite the fact that there are no skegs included.

The manufacturers have interestingly included aluminum ribs within the design to give the kayak a sturdy, solid shape. This rigidity allows for tracking which is far superior to the other kayaks on the list.

The design is such that the Strait Edge is best suited for fishing on flat water thanks to its two-rod holders and anything up to class lll whitewater which is worth a million to lots of fishing fans and adrenaline junkies.

In addition to these, the kayak has an adjustable backrest which (doesn’t provide a high-level support) is exceptionally comfortable due to its soft padding. Inflating this kayak takes as short as five minutes but deflating is a little more tricky as some of the plugs are hard to reach when it is fully inflated, making it difficult to drain completely. Residual moisture can lead to a build-up of mildew that can cause the material to weaken.

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  1. Airhead AHTK-2 Montana


Size (exterior): 12″ x 36″

Capacity: 2 Adults / 500 lbs

Weight: 36.3 lbs

Material: Semi-rigid heavy gauge PVC

Assembly Time: 5 Minutes

The Airhead AHTK-2 is larger than the Sea Eagle 330, offering superior stability and extra space in the hull to store your gear. If two people are using this boat at once i.e when it is loaded to its full capacity, then one will be able to carry more fishing kit than in the Sea Eagle 330, but it’s still not exactly spacious.

The body of this kayak might be softer than a hard case kayak but it will withstand scrapes and bumps against branches and rocks and the build quality on this inflatable kayak is excellent, making it a sensible long-term investment for any fishing enthusiast. Inflating and deflating this boat is also quick and easy. It is very comfortable to sit in for a lengthy period.

The boat is best suited to lakes, flat water and light surf making it the perfect choice for fishing and can also be used for whitewater kayaking. When out on the water it’s easy to control and maneuver the kayak due to its lightweight and four fins (an improvement on the Sea Eagle which only has two fins) therefore, the boat tracks very well. The only hindrance to the tracking is that there is a known issue with some of the stitching on the bottom of the kayak. It is not faulty as such, there is just some unevenness which causes the material to pucker slightly, however, this does not affect how watertight it is.

On the downside, the Airhead AHTK-2 takes on some water between the cover and the bladders because the bladders are not removable – and it is not self-bailing.

This choice is great for anyone that is new to inflatable kayak fishing or someone who just wants a basic entry-level model. However, with this package only the kayak is supplied – a bag, pump, and oars will have to be bought separately, which could ramp up the cost.

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How To Make The Perfect Choice For An Inflatable Fishing Kayak

To make a perfect fishing kayak choice, the following are the things to consider:

Price of kayak

You must consider your purse and have a price range/budget before you go shopping so as to help you make your choice quicker. With all the different models and manufacturers out there competition is fierce.


Of great importance is the usage of the fishing boat you plan to purchase and this includes the type of water body you will be fishing and how rough the path is likely to be.


The weight of the kayak and the amount of load likely to be put on board (persons and gear) during your fishing expeditions should be put under due consideration before a boat is chosen.


This is important because of comfortability and leg space. You will not want to be in cramped space for a long period. Also, most models are not longer than 14 feet (4 meters) as the boat would be very unstable and that is the last thing you want when you are in the water. Even with the best inflatable kayak it is easier to flip over, so keep length in mind.


How much gear are you going to bring paddling on your kayak? The best inflatable kayak to carry lots of things is a canoe-type kayak, especially if you will be using it on your own without a tandem paddler. Sit-inside kayaks also allow you to clip on additional storage around both hulls which can also be handy.

Now you know how best to make your choice and you have a list of the best fishing kayaks on the market. Have fun shopping!!!