Intex Boats: Intex Challenger K1 Kayak

The Intex challenger K1 boat is one of the cheapest inflatable kayaks in the market, and is one of the most popular of all the Intex boats.

Many might not find this boat appealing simply because of the fact that it looks like a giant toy boat. But do not be deceived by the looks of this, this model is made up of high quality Vinyl which makes it extra durable. The Intex challenger K1 was not also designed for harsh, rapid waters so make sure that you use it only in very calm waters, because the boat could easily topple over if there are any water disturbances.

This Intex is extremely light, weighing only 25 pounds, so this could be easily brought from one place to another, and is also easy to assemble. As you purchase this boat, you will also be given the pump, the paddle, and the carry case. Many tend to look differently when it comes to buying this Intex boat. As they say, looks can be deceiving. In the case of this kayak, we must not judge too quickly on how product will do depending solely on its color. Every purchase of an Intex boat also entitles you to a certificate of Boat origins.


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Intex boat : Challenger K1 features

Wide cockpit: Just like most intex boats, wide cockpits are definitely a plus when it comes to buying kayaks. The wider the cockpit the easier it is for people to getin and out of the boat. This kayak is so special since it’s made out of the best vinyl material. Although it is not required to be used in wild waters, Always make sure that the surface of this intex boat does not get scratched.

Lightweight : Being lightweight is also a great advantage since it makes it easier for one to bring it around
Unlike most kayaks, since this is inflatable you won’t really get to adjust the seat itself, but you can adjust the back rest of the seat.

Very affordable :This kayak is one of the cheapest kayaks out in the market. The price is good and is best used for beginner kayakers and is best used for those who just want to relax out in the water


Intex Challenger K1 reviews

One of the best things about this Intex boat is that it is so affordable. But as always, since the price is so low, don’t really expect too much especially when it comes to how the kayak looks like. The kayak has a very simple design, which makes it look like a pool toy rather than a kayak.

But even though it does not look so “pro paddler” to most of us, the materials used into making this kayak is not so bad either. It’s actually quite sturdy once you get the hang of it. But remember that this is not used for wild waters unlike Advanced Kayaks, the design and the material of the boat is not suited for rapids, and you might end up with a tattered and torn piece of plastic sheet.



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This boat is definitely a must buy for those who want to go paddling out in calmer waters. It’s more of a leisure paddle than a sporty activity.