Sea Eagle 380x Kayak Review

The Sea Eagle 380x is definitely one, if not the best inflatable kayak for pro paddlers. Compared to most inflatable kayaks, the Sea Eagle 380x is bigger, heavier, and is built to face all those rough waters.

This is kayak is the high pressured version which was built specifically for professional kayak users who want to experience the rapids with a good boat and not have a hard time bringing a solid kayak to far places. There is also a self bailing valve, which drains the boat of excess water.

The model is quite big so it’s actually best to use with a partner or a second person, or you could even bring your dog along, on lazy afternoons in the lake, just make sure it doesn’t bite the boat.
When buying the Sea Eagle 380x you won’t only get the kayak alone but also two double ended paddles, molded foam seats, inflation pump, an instruction and CD manual and a convenient duffel/carry bag to put the Sea Eagle 380x into after a long day at the water.



Not really the fastest kayak in the market but this model is great for family trips and when you want to go camping. Due to its big size, owners have the advantage of bringing a lot of things with them during paddling.
They could bring their camera along if they want to take snapshots of the beautiful scenery. Or bring along some food and drinks, just in case you go hungry while paddling through the calm waters.

Sea Eagle 380x features

Made of high quality polyester with quadruple thickness compared to that of a regular inflatable kayak. This makes it less prone to rips and punctures especially when used in the rapids.
750 pounds capacity. The Sea Eagle 380x x is great for two paddlers plus they can also bring a lot of gear since the kayak can actually carry on a lot of weight.
This kayak weighs in at 47 pounds which is actually perfect for travelers whowant to bring kayaks and save themselves from carrying their solid kayaks on top of their cars or in pick up trucks.

The Sea Eagle 380x is also very easy to assemble. Whenever you get one, you automatically get the pump with the kayak itself. Just plug the pump and let it inflate the kayak.
Sea Eagle provides warranties for all bought kayaks. The 3 year warranty is only valid for manufacturing problems. Owners are also given a 30 day trial on the water for every model bought.

Sea Eagle 380x reviews

A lot of really good reviews have already been circulating the internet. The nice thing about the Sea Eagle is that it is really durable and can be packed in a simple duffel bag.
The size of the kayak is also perfect for family outing or whenever you will be needing some stuff while in the water. The Sea Eagle 380x, though inflatable is actually quite hard to puncture which proves how durable the plastic is.


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Since the kayak was built basically for paddling through the rapids, surprisingly it isn’t that much good when it comes to calmer waters. You will need stabilizers to be installed in the kayaks so that they won’t sway that often.
To sum things up, the Sea Eagle 380x is one of the best inflatable kayaks out in the markets