TRAK Kayaks Performance Folding Kayak Review

In the 21st century, kayaks come in all shapes, colors, and sizes. We are all familiar with the regular solid wood, fiberglass, or plastic kayaks. There are still kayaks and canoes made of wood that are still being made to this day.

Now, we have the foldable kayaks. Now, folding kayaks are definitely the most versatile and most portable kayak. The whole kayak can be folded to fit into its case, which resembles a golf club bag. There may be inflatable and smaller kayaks, which claim to be portable, but nothing is lighter and more compact than the TRAK folding kayak unlike the Sea Eagle 380x.

This kind of kayak may differ from the rest, since it is much smaller and won’t be able to carry much stuff unlike the others. You won’t find any small compartments in this kayak because all it will fit in it is you. Even if it is relatively small as compared to the others, the TRAK kayak proves to be a small durable boat. Even if you drag it across rocks or logs, especially during paddling through the rapids, you don’t have to worry about anything since this kayak was built to withstand the harshest of environments.




The only thing is that recommended is that it be used by the professional paddlers. With its streamline built, it would be hard for a first timer to navigate through the water with such a tiny boat. The TRAK kayak, because of its size can only accommodate one person during the ride, bringing of food and storing it inside your compartment is not allowed and is also considered unhygienic. So better eat before going out into the water to paddle.

Trak kayak 2.0 review

TRAK kayak features

Definitely the most portable of all kayaks. The TRAK kayak, will only take ten minutes to unpack the kayak and get it into the water, ready for use.
Most of the buyers of TRAK kayaks are professional paddlers who want something more durable and compact. Even if the TRAK kayak is 16 feet long, because of the compact body, it is also one of the best kayaks in the world; most of the professional kayak paddlers use this. Aside from the fact that it is very portable, it is also one of the easiest to bring on travels because it is light and fits in a bag, which can easily be placed in any type of car.


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To sum things up the TRAK kayak is definitely the ultimate kayak used for rough waters by only best professional paddlers put there. Surprisingly, this kayak is not so expensive compared to other brands, which is why getting it will truly give the most out of your money. The kayak can be used anywhere, in rapids or in calm waters.