Emotion Glide Kayak

The emotion glide kayak is one of the most popular kayak designs. One of the factors that make people buy it, are the wonderful array of 3 bright and happy colors that one can choose from: yellow, red, and blue.

Compared to most kayaks out in the market the Glide is quite compact, made of polyethylene plastic this kayak has a length of 8 feet and is 3 inches wide. It can only accommodate 1 rider, but when one looks at the emotion glide kayak you would not believe that a 6 foot person could actually fit in there, but they do. The wide cockpit of the emotion glide kayak also makes entering and exiting the kayak easy for anyone of any size.

Compared to most solid kayaks the Emotion Glide Kayak is quite the catch when it comes to price. It is one of the most affordable solid kayaks out in the market. Although the price could be comparable to an inflatable kayak, it is always better to get a solid kayak than an inflatable one because inflatable kayaks always have the risk of getting torn and punctured especially if used in rapids.



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Emotion Glide Kayak features and specifications

  • Made from quality polyethylene plastic which isn’t too light or too heavy, just right for great balance in the water.
  • Wide cockpit for easy entry and exit into the kayak.
  • Adjustable seat which is great for shorter people who want to move the seat forward or backward for taller people.
  • Shorter length and lighter weight which makes it easier to bring around.
  • Added thigh padding which makes your paddle into the water a lot more comfortable.
  • Attached paddle holder to place your paddle in.
  • Added beverage holder, which keeps all kind of refreshments nearby; one can also store small accessories in case you will be needing some things.
  • Tracking channels and stern keel, which makes it easier for beginners and entry-level paddlers to use.

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Emotion Glide Kayak reviews

With the Emotion Glide Kayak winning the 2008 Paddler’s Pick for best recreational kayak, it’s no wonder that this kayak is already quite popular. Sold in the market with a really good price, it’s best for starters and beginners in kayaking. Numerous of reviews have stressed that they prefer Emotion Glide Kayaks compared to inflatable ones like Intex Challenger K1. Even if the price of both types are quite similar, the solid plastic kayaks has less risk of getting damaged and torn when used in rapids.


The Emotion Glide kayaks is very ideal for younger kayakers, and those who just want to relax by paddling in the water, take pictures, and for those who want to go fishing. Although the seat of the kayak looks comfortable, some say that it can be a bit stiff in the long run.



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But, if you don’t really plan to stay long hours in the water, the seat won’t be that much of a problem. Also, the kayak is quite wide and short, which is best used in calmer waters, for wild rapids it’s better to get a leaner kayak. All in all, the Emotion Glide Kayak, is a really good product, which comes with a great price.