Old Town Canoes and Kayaks 10 Vapor Recreational Kayak

Old town canoes are one of the few companies which have been making kayaks and canoes for a long time. Old town canoes have started business in 1898 and since then have provided people of all ages only the best quality wooden canoes and kayaks. The kayaks and canoes of Old Town made today are still handcrafted from the original cedar kayak and canoe forms, which were used 100 years ago.

Since the company has already made its mark in the kayak industry we all expect that Old Town will create only the best quality kayaks and canoes, and they still do. The Old Town Vapor 10 is one of the newest kayak models, it is considered one of the get-in-and-go boats which are light, compact, and can easily be brought in and out of the water. Unlike other kayaks, the Old Town Vapor 10 was specifically designed for quick entry and exit into the water.

Aside from this the Old Town Vapor 10  recreational kayak has other features such as the Ipad storage area, which is a good place to hide your gadgets in while in the water.The Old Town Vapor 10 is also synonymous to comfort with added thigh pads, adjustable foot braces and a comfort flex seat, paddling in the water has never been this comfortable.


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Old Town Vapor 10 Features and Specifications

  • Simple and sporty look makes it great to paddle anywhere
  • Comfortable paddling because of the thigh pads, and comfort flex seat
  • Has a good drain plug in case too much water gets in the kayak
  • Has molded paddle rest in case you need to tuck your paddle in for a while.
  • Cockpit tray and cup holder to hold needed accessories
  • Made of single layer polyethylene which is why it is so light weight
  • Great to bring during travelling because its small and light
  • Created for easy entrance and exit of paddlers into the kayak
  • Great for paddling in calmer waters such as the river, lakes and, ponds

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Old Town Vapor 10 Reviews

Most people have bought the Old Town Vapor 10 since it is so easy to bring in and out of the water. It may be a solid kayak, but is proven to be better compared to an inflatable kayak  such as the Trak Kayak. The Old Town Vapor 10 is durable and light, features similar to an inflatable kayak so it’s easy to bring along. The price is also quite competitive, so you will definitely get the most out of your buck. Unlike fusion beach kayak, this kayak is best used in calm waters; it’s not so hardcore to be used in wild rapids.

Many have bought the Old Town Vapor 10 for simple relaxing paddles out in the water. They could also go out and fish in this kayak. Not really built for the rough rides in the rapids, but this kayak will definitely give you the best experience in terms of comfort.


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Generally there were many good reviews regarding the Old Town Vapor 10, but as always there were some customers who felt like this kayak was not the kayak for them. Some say that sometimes the kayak tends to sway from side to side while paddling, some even say that they were not that comfortable when they paddled in the water. But, like all products in the market, nothing is perfect and generally, the Old Town vapor 10 is a good product priced at a good rate.