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Most PFDs for kayaking in the market are considered unisex and are meant to be worn by both men and women. But that does not actually mean that they’re ideal for women. PFD for women Kayaking is specifically designed to fit their body type.

This guide presents some of the best womens PFD for kayaking currently trending in the market.

5 Best Women PFD For Kayaking

Stohlquist Flo

Stohlquist Flo PFD for women

Stohlquist Flo is one of the best womens pfd for kayaking. It has an ultra-light and ultra-cool opening sides for women kayaking. It also has an in-built supportive inner cups and network shoulders for airing.

About two years ago, when my wife and I actively started kayaking, this is the exact PFD she loves wearing while cruising on our Tandem Kayak


  • Made with nylon.
  • 6″ high19″
  • wide 400 x 200.
  • PE Foam with inner lock lining for coolness and easy wear.
  • Neoprene Padded waistband that lies firmly in your waistline.
  • Hand Wash Soap and water are included in the pack.


Product Details

  • Comes in small and X-Small sizes
  • Colors are; Orange and Gray
  • Dimensions17.7 x 17.7 x 5.5 inches
  • Item Weight1.21 pounds
  • Shipping Weight is 1.65 pounds.
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Stohlquist Betsea


This women ’s pfd for kayaking features the ergonomically shaped torso that covers the body for a close, low profile and comfortable fit for women kayakers.

The cross-chest cinch harness makes flotation place low down the torso, eliminating ride-up while providing the most effective in water merriment.

  • Oxygenated shoulder and lumbar pads
  • 4-way accessory lash pockets located on chest and back shoulder
  • Reflective clip on both front and rear.
  • Two large zippered pockets storage.
  • Contains lined hand warmer pockets that keep you warm in cold weather.
  • Oxygenated shoulder and lumbar form pads.
  • Wide armholes for free mobility.
  • A single webbing belt, with pulls for a clip and save fit.
  • High waistline cut: balance on your waistline.
  • A zip entry at the front.
  • Shoulder straps are adjustable.


Features Of BetSea Women PFD For Kayaking

    • Made with nylon.
    • Has a zipper closure.
    • 6″ high18″ wide
    • Supportive inner cup.
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Astral Layla Women PFD For Kayaking

This style of closure PFD was introduced 20 years ago, and no other design complies to a busty woman's body better when it comes to womens pfd for kayaking.

The hinged princess closures, boob cups, and super soft organic kapok give a special fit that women desire. It is great for Whitewater and Sea Kayaking.

It has several panel princess hinge design and bust cups are sculpted inwardly. Its pockets are also divided inside and key. It is one of the best PFD for women kayaking.


Product details
      • Dimensions 23 x 23 x 12 inches.
      • Weight2.96 pounds.
      • Shipping Weight is1.84 pounds.
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Astral Linda PFD For Women Kayakers

The Linda Kayak Women's Fishing Life Vest PFD is admirably made for women. This design is the best choice for today's high seatback enjoyment and fishing kayaks.



      • USES: Women Kayaking / Fishing.
      • THIN-VENT BACK: suitable with all seats and allows breathability.
      • NEAT MESHED LINER: this gives the jacket an attractive look.
      • SEVERAL FRONT POCKETS:- these enable easy access for storage.
      • PRE-SHAPED FOAM gives a perfect fit for women.[/si_list]


Product Details

      • Dimensions: 21 x 17 x 5 inches.
      • Weight: 1.26 pounds.
      • Shipping Weight: 1.02.[/si_list]
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NRS Women Life Vest


Specifically made for women kayaking. The NRS Zoya Mesh Back PFD grants you the comfort you desire and the safety needed for any paddling trip.


      • Front foam panels are structurally made for a woman's body.
      • Soft Plush FIT foam flotation which complies with your body as you wear it for comfort.
      • VaporLoft: Joined lower back is a perfect fit on high-backed seats and gives great ventilation even in warm weather.
      • Has a Zippered in the front entry that allows easy on/off; 8 adjustments allow you to dial in a fit that's just okay for you.
      • Large arm openings:- these allow free mobility for paddling and rowing.
      • Two large zippered pockets are for small essentials and are easy to open and close.
      • Front lash tab holds a knife; strobe holder loop on the rear of the jacket keeps you visible to people in low-light conditions.[/si_list]


Product Details

      • Dimensions21 x 20 x 5 inches
      • Weight1 pounds
      • Shipping Weight is 1 pound.
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FAQs about PFD For Women Kayaking

Do you even need it?

The major reason to go for one of the best womens pfd for kayaking is the comfort. Kayaking PFDs designed specifically for women are developments that newly occurred among kayaking accessories.

We all know that the structure of women is clearly different from men, so it is advisable for them to have their own PFDs.

In the bustier side, you’ll find that the contoured foam in a women’s PFD gives you aa amazing pleasing result. And this also goes for shorter women. Unisex PFDs generally have a largear cut for men with larger bodies. This can make you uncomfortable

Is it Affordable?

If you’re bothered about paying hugely for a PFD simply because it’s designed specifically for women, don't be bothered. Though there probably are some manufacturers that sell at a higher price, the prices of all our kayaking accessories that are in line with unisex PFDs have similar quality.

Who shouldn’t buy a women’s PFD

If  You are taller than average women's height then you shouldn't go for it. You probably get away with a unisex model if so desire.

Another good reason to go for a unisex PFD rather than a women’s PFD is that If you are the type that has a large number of family members, you may probably need to share your PFD with them or friends that may not be entirely women, it is better to consider something a bit more neutral and just go for a unisex model.


What to look for when buying women’s kayaking PFD?

      • Comfort: comfort and free movement are the most necessary qualities in a kayaking PFD.


      • Storage

In most kayaks, where to keep their important items is already at a premium. Having some pockets on your PFD can be a nice way to keep your important items close to you. Many PFDs also have ‘lash tabs’ that allow you to clip on accessories like,  keys, phones or light beacon for paddling in dark.

Have it in mind that adding more pockets and other items generally add bulk to a PFD. It’s best to add few features unless you’ll be needing them for a long distance touring.



I have mentioned the reasons why women PFD's for Kayaking is an essential accessory to have as a woman who loves kayaking.

I also mentioned the best PFDs products available for sales. Buying any of the mentioned PFDs is a matter of choice.

Hello, I am John. A certified kayak trainer in the U.S. This blog was put together to document the kayaks and other product I use or come about when Kayaking, skiing, hiking, camping and engaging in other outdoor activities. I live in Colorado with my wife an two children.

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